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Dear Patrons

I am using Vedic Astrology tenets to cast the chart.
Whether I am doing this for South Indian Birth Chart/North Indian Birth Chart/or/The Western Wheels Birth Chart-I am using Sidereal techniques of Vedic Astrology.
From this system-I know where your Planets are located -viz-Signs(Rashis) and Stars(Nakshatras)

In the next step I use Nadi Astrology to see in which Direction the Planets in your Birth Chart are located.
Signs Aries(Mesha),Leo(Simha),Sagittarius(Dhanus) are East Directions.
Signs Taurus(Vrushabha),Virgo(Kanya),Capricorn(Makara) are South Directions.
Signs Gemini(Mithuna),Libra(Tula),Aquarius(Kumbha) are West Directions.
Signs Cancer(Karka),Scorpio(Vrishchika),Pisces(Meena) are North Directions. 

Please note that I am not using that Nadi which requires Thumb print.This Nadi is based on Bhrigu Nandi Nadi principles,which relies on Birth Chart prepared on Nirayana (Sidereal) system of Vedic Astrology.

In the final step I use Western Astrology for Aspects between planets.I use Conjunctions/Trines/Squares/Opposition for favourable/unfavourable aspects depending on the nature of planets.with an ORB of 3 degrees.
I also use Parallels/Contraparallels for close aspects. Here the ORB used is 1.2 degrees.

From the synchronization of these three steps from different backgrounds of Astrology.
I have found enough material to unearth the secrets of Health,Longevity,Education,Profession,Love,
Relationship,Marriage etc.
This has been tried on several hundreds of charts

The impact of severe afflictions in a birth chart is possible.
Usually manifest as a type of curse - might not be fully removed . 
But  can be mitigated with the help of propitiatory remedies. 
Astrological Remedial Measures (Charities) suggested for the functional malefic planets are recommended after thorough study of the birth chart .

The suggested remedies give better results when performed daily in the morning after bath and before breakfast. 

So give me an opportunity and see for yourself what is hiding behind your birth particulars.

A word of caution-
Wrong birth particulars may misguide me and you.

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